Jacob Kelly


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The Ultimate Winter Setup

Winter surfing is the harshest elements for the greatest reward. My current winter setup is the 5.5/4 Flashbomb, 5mm Flashbomb gloves and 5mm Dawn Patrol boots. A warm setup for surfing in the snow is critical to success in surfing. The two things you need most in a winter suit is warmth and flex. Cold muscles have to work twice as hard as warm ones and in a restrictive suit that can mean cutting your session down to one quarter what you can pull off on warm days.

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You are your actions

surrounded in a foreign land
filled with white puffy dryer lint seemingly falling from the air, appearing from thin air
the flakes of the snow don’t fall but drift
finding the pattern of flight that was right from them
large fluffy but weightless objects, acting as if unrestricted by the forces of this world

the flakes so big
I open my mouth, tongue out and facing the sky
I catch flake after flake, some as big as my entire exposed tongue

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Epic Skook

I’m told it is 4:30am but dreams never have clocks. I tried organizing gear on the frosty dock, relying on my other senses to guide me. Soon I was gripping my arms around James Mole. A man I knew very little but now trusting my life with. The sound of the jet ski engine filled my ears as we levitated across the pristine glassy river. The pirate flag flying at my back, a much needed safety blanket in a time of angst. The crack of dawn cut into the glorious mountain valley as the brisk air cut into my nostrils. It is hard to tell if my shaky legs are nervous or chilled. Through the sound of the ski and the raging rapids getting louder with our approach James calls out, “Can I take you through the tour?” I’m hesitant but call out with a Lion’s roar, “Yeah!” As brave as I sounded to James I knew the tour was not a happy place. The tour is where surfers go to die. I grew calm as James steered me through with ease and control. We powered through a huge rapid and I got a shot of salty river water to the face. When we pulled up to Main Wave the dream became a reality. I was looking at the wave of my dreams but the difference is I was going to actually surf it.

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