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You are your actions

– Originally Posted¬† Dec 8 2009 to Riversurfing.ca –

surrounded in a foreign land
filled with white puffy dryer lint seemingly falling from the air, appearing from thin air
the flakes of the snow don’t fall but drift
finding the pattern of flight that was right from them
Large fluffy but weightless objects, acting as if unrestricted by the forces of this world

the flakes so big
I open my mouth, tongue out and facing the sky
I catch flake after flake, some as big as my entire exposed tongue

I remember where I am and smile. It’s my turn for the wave. We hit Green tongue just right today. The river is flowing just a little short of it’s usual flow rate and it has set old GT off, centralized flow with lots of power and force to keep you on your board and a smile on your face.

Although, the smile on my face comes more than surfing a great wave in a snow storm… I chuckle to myself as things fall into perspective and I appreciate everything around me. Unexplainable happiness expressed through the physical medium of shredding on a river.

Fast forward three days and things fall into place. Sitting on a couch I find a place where the party has died, people have gone to bed and I remain with my rum soaked mind. I sit to ponder the beautiful life changing and surf stoking session I received on the weekend. I enjoy the sweet sounds of the Thicker Than Water Soundtrack and it takes me into some kind of surfer’s trance.

As I slip deeper and away from all things this life calls “real” I realize why this session brought so much happiness. In a position of complete beauty unmatched by all but few experiences of pure exuberance of mother nature I realized nature showing her mysterious beauty off to me was only half, or even a very small portion, of what brought a smile from ear to ear.

The reason I was so happy to be covered from head to toe in neoprene, home crafted board in hand, and surfing a wave that puts out like a bucking bronco had little to do with the breath taking mountains in front of me, the evergreen forest on the shoreline, the cotton candy snow flakes filling my taste buds, or anything else in the majesty of the Kananaskis… the smile came from within… then again where else can smile come from.

I sat looking at the raging standing wave, green tongue. In front of me and realized it was my decisions that brought me to this place and my decisions that brought me my happiness. I may be experiencing the coolest surf session in history, slashing the wave and having a blast in the line up but it is because I have made a conscious effort to be an active participant in my life that I find myself here surfing a river today…

Nature can show us amazing things but to sit around waiting for something cool to happen my find us missing the true details. It’s when you find yourself creating a beautiful path for yourself that you start to realize the beauty in the details. Recognizing beauty in life is only possible when you recognize beauty in yourself.

We are on the path we have chosen, we can be happy or not with the situation we are currently in, but it is more important to realize we, ourselves, are the ones that got us here and need to appreciate what we have, appreciate what we have done to accomplish even greater things. And sometimes this world smiles on us and celebrates with us filling the skys with pure white confetti. I may not be in Hawawii, but I’m surfing… I could dream of another life but as long as I’m not making the decisions to get me there, I’m going to appreciate the decisions I’ve made in life to allow me to maintain my surfing addiction here in Calgary.

You are your actions.
Love it or change it.

Jacob Kelly Quinlan,
Calgary River Surfer.

Jacob Kelly Quinlan

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